Jordans 44 inch musky 46.5 inch musky54 inch muskie June 2014

Quality fishing is available for the serious trophy fisherman or for those who just want to throw a line in and spend the day on the water.  The Vermilion River, Lake Vermilion or the rivers and lakes of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness offer something for everyone.

The Vermilion River features slow and fast water fishing challenges, the chance to fish quietly in a remote location with a canoe or boat and with much less wind than the bigger lakes. It’s a great spot to enjoy both fishing and the peaceful wilderness at the same time.

Lake Vermilion features endless miles of reefs, sunken islands, drop offs and underwater structure.  Avid fisherman will never run out of protected bays or islands when searching for a favorite fishing spot.

The Vermilion River fish population includes Smallmouth bass, Walleye, Northern pike, Rock bass, Muskies, and Crappie.

Check out the Youtube video below featuring local guide Billy Rosner and Al Linder fishing the Vermilion River Fall 2014.

Lake Vermilion fish population includes Walleye (33,000 returned annually from DNR hatchery), Muskie, Northern Pike, Bass, Blue Gill and Crappie.

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